Translate your Apty Content into the language of the host application

Your application language may appear differently for users residing in different countries. For a better user experience, you can translate both your Apty Client and Workflow balloon user interface labels as well as the Apty Content it stores into the language of the host application.



  • English is the default language given.
  • The latest Apty version enables you to auto translate your content like Workflows, Tooltips, Launchers, and Announcements using Google Translation API. For example, if the selected language of the host application is French, Apty automatically translates and displays the content of the Apty Client in French. To learn more, see Auto Translate Apty Content.
  • Auto Translation is a feature flag. Contact Apty Support to enable this feature.

Apty Users given the role of the System Administrator or Translator can change the language of the content from English to any of the available languages. To learn more about Apty user roles, see Predefined User Roles.

In this article we will learn how to manually change your Apty Content language without Auto Translation enabled.

Changing Apty Content to a different language is a two-step process:

Step 1: Add New Languages to your Application

1.  Login to the Admin Portal.

2.  Select your application from the left pane.

3.  Click the Customization dropdown and then select Languages.


The Player (also known as the Apty Client) tab is chosen by default, when you enter the Languages page.

4.  Scroll down and then click Manage Languages.

5.  From the list of languages, select the ones you want to add to your application.


Apty currently supports 40 different languages.

6.  Click Save.


Step 2: Translate the Apty Content manually into the New Languages

You can translate your Apty Content to your preferred language to display on your application once you've added new languages to it. In this section, let us learn how to translate your Apty Content from the default language of English to Hindi.

To translate your Apty Content,

1.  Click the Manage dropdown in the left pane and then select your Apty Content.

2.  Click the vertical ellipsis on the Apty Content and then select Manage Languages.


The newly added language will appear on the screen in different tabs.

3.  In the Translation Editor page, click the Hindi tab.

4.  Enter the Hindi translation for each area of the Apty Content given on the screen.

5.  Click Save.