Login to Admin Portal

Login to the Admin Portal to manage your applications, users, Apty content created on your application, and to track content usage.

1.  Navigate to the URL received on your email provided by your Apty Customer Success Manager.

For example, https://yourdomainname.com/login.

yourdomainname may vary depending on your region. For example,

2.  Enter your Username and then click Continue.

3.  Enter your Password and then click Login.

Once successfully logged into the Admin Portal, you can edit, manage, and publish Apty content, manage your applications, connection to hosting apps, and explore content usage using Analytics.

If you forget your Password, click Forgot?

To learn more, see Reset my Password.


To log out of the Admin Portal,

1.At the bottom left panel of your Admin Portal, click the User Icon.

2. Click Logout in the System Admin dropdown.