Overview of the Downloads section

PATH: Login to the Admin Portal > On the bottom left panel, click the System Settings icon > Select Downloads.  

The Downloads section in the Admin Portal helps you to download and install the latest versions of the Apty Studio, Apty Client extensions, and Apty Bundles for SaaS and Self-Hosted deployments.


To learn more, see Apty Deployment Models.

The Downloads screen features a dropdown menu for you to select the latest Apty version which enables you to download and locally host the Apty Studio and Apty Client extensions in your system so you can seamlessly create and view content in your preferred environment before making it available to the end-users. You can find the required Apty Studio and Apty Client extensions to install for a smooth operation of Apty on your application across several browsers.


To learn more, see Browsers supported by Apty.

For users who want to avoid dependency on third party servers, Apty provides content that can be manually downloaded as JSON bundles and can be viewed using the Apty Client by injecting a JS bundle on their application. Users can customize Apty Client in the Admin Portal using the Fonts Bundle.


  • Apty Bundles is a feature flag. Please connect with your Customer Success Manager if you want to enable this feature.
  • Apty recommends you use the latest version of Apty Studio and Apty Client extensions for a seamless content creation process.


For more information, see: