Install Apty Studio extension v4.17 or above

The Apty Studio is a browser plug-in that enables you to create various types of Apty content like Workflows, Validations, Launchers, Tooltips, and Announcements on your web application.

Apty Studio is compatible with Google Chrome and the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser, but is recommended to be used with Google Chrome for seamless content creation.

Use the following steps to install the Apty Studio extension:

1.  Login to the Admin Console.

2.  On the left panel click the Settings icon.

3.  On the System Settings page, click Downloads.

4.  Choose the top-most version from the dropdown list to use the latest version of Apty Studio. In this example, v4.21.0 is the latest version.

  • Version v4.17.0 and above supports the Apty Studio browser extension.
  • To create content using Apty Studio native application, select an earlier version (v4.16.0 or below) from the dropdown. For more information, see Install the Native Apty Studio v4.16 or below.
  • Apty supports displaying up to three Apty Studio versions in the dropdown, with the latest version at the top.
  • After each release the oldest version is truncated from the bottom and the newest version is moved to the top of the list. For example, if you deploy a new Apty Studio version v4.22.x in the future, it will appear at the top of the list followed by v4.21.x and then v4.20.x. Therefore, we recommend you to use the latest version of Apty Studio to avoid future inconsistencies.
  • You can use only one version of Apty Studio at a time.

5.  Click the Extension(.zip) button to download the Browser Extension for Google Chrome.

6.  Extract the studio extension zipped file in your local folder.

7.  On the Extensions page in your Chrome browser, lick Load unpacked and upload the extracted extension file to install the extension.

Ensure that the Developer mode is enabled in the Extensions page.

9.  Your Apty Studio extension is installed.