Auto-play Workflow via Permalink

You might want to provide users a quick rundown of the process of creating a New Opportunity in Salesforce without requiring them to engage with the application. In these situations, you can enable the Workflow's Auto Pilot feature and use its Permalink to instantly show the Workflow to your users saving time and effort.

You can obtain the Permalink with Auto Pilot while creating or editing Workflows in Apty Studio or the Admin Portal.

Auto-playing Workflows using Permalinks is a two step process:

Step 1: Enable Autopilot in your Workflow

You can enable Autopilot in a new or an existing Workflow. To learn how to enable Autopilot in your Workflow, see Enable Workflow Auto Pilot.

Step 2: Retrieve Permalink with Auto Pilot

In this section we'll learn how to auto-play the Create New Opportunity Workflow using Permalink in Salesforce.

To use the Workflow Permalink with Auto Pilot,

1.  Login to the Apty Studio after launching it on your web browser.

2.  Select SFL to open Salesforce on your browser.


3.  Once the application opens, click Workflows on the Apty Studio.

4.  Click Create New Opportunity from the list of Workflows.


  • To learn how to create a Workflow, see Create Workflows.
  • Before moving on to the next step, ensure that the Auto Pilot feature for the Workflow is enabled.

5.  Click the vertical ellipsis and then select Copy Permalink with Auto Pilot.


  • Copy Permalink with Auto Pilot feature does not work for steps containing the Next button. To enable the Workflow to auto-play via Permalink seamlessly, ensure to choose a different ADVANCE ON option for each of your Workflow steps.

6.  Navigate to your webpage and then place your cursor on the application URL.

7.  Replace the URL Parameter with the copied Permalink and then hit Enter.

8.  The Workflow will auto-play through it's last step.