Add a New Application to the Admin Portal

To work with any of the Apty contents, it's important to link it with a host application. This article talks about how a new application can be added to the Admin Portal.


To add a new application:

1.  Login to Admin Portal.

2.  On the left side panel, the application menu opens.

3.  Scroll down and click the plus symbol for adding a new application.

4.  In the Add New Application window, enter the Application NameApplication Type and the Application URL


Click Test this link to test the application url that's been provided by the user.

5.  Click Continue to Settings button to navigate to the Manage Current Application screen. You can view the application details under General Settings.

6.  A pop-up window appears stating that the application settings have been updated successfully. 

7.  Click Close to close the pop up window. The newly added application gets saved in the application menu with a default keyword AMA.