What is Apty Studio?

Apty Studio is a browser extension that enables you to create various contextual information like Workflows, Validations, Launchers, Tooltips, Announcements, and Activity Tracking on your web application. Apty Studio is compatible with all modern browsers but is recommended to be used with Google Chrome.

To learn more, see Browsers supported by Apty.

Apty Studio uses a powerful technique in establishing a connection with your web browser and enabling users to interact with the hosting application to create Apty content.

The logic of the extension is split into two parts:

  1. Content script that allows interaction with the hosting application's HTML (picking elements, highlighting hovered elements, reacting on scroll and navigation).
  2. Background script that offers sophisticated functionality including filtering the target application's web requests, capturing a snapshot of it, and listening for Chrome tab changes (for example, knowing about open instances of the hosting application).

Overview of Apty Studio menu

The Apty Studio's intuitive user interface makes it possible to create the majority of the instructional content in only a few clicks without any coding knowledge. The appearance and position of the elements added to the hosting application are previewed in the live mode.

Apty_Studio_login.png Apty_Studio_select_application.png