Manage my Account

The Account Settings section in your Admin Portal gives an overview of your account, including personal details like name, email id, user role, tenant id, tenant key, a password reset feature, the Apty version in use, and a language preference for your application.

To access your Account Settings:

1.  Login to the Admin Portal.

2.  At the bottom-left panel, click the Profile icon.

3.  Click Account settings in the menu to view your account details.


To logout from the Admin Portal, click Logout.

Account Settings Overview

Account Settings comprises of the following details:

  • Details - Account Details include your name, the email id you use to log into Apty, your role name, and a password-change option.


    To learn more, see Predefined User Roles and Reset my Password.

  • Tenant Details - Once you sign up for Apty, you are given a Tenant ID and Tenant Key that are unique to each user.
  • Preferences - View your most recent Apty version in use and choose your preferred language.


    To learn more, see Internationalization - Change the language of your Apty Components.