Internationalization - Change the language of your Apty Components

Apty supports internationalization and enables you to change the language in your Admin Portal and in Apty Studio. This means that content creators can experience the content creation and management processes in German, French, Spanish, and English.


Internationalization is a feature flag. Please contact your Apty Assistant to enable this feature.

Why Internationalization?

Internalization aims to open doors to new opportunities for users. With more languages embedded across platforms, you can reach wider audiences, expand to international markets, and have significant impacts globally.

How to change the Language?

You can select the preferred language before or after logging in to the Admin Portal or the Apty Studio.

All you need to do is click the Language dropdown on your Login page to select your preferred language.

To change the language using the Admin Portal,

1.  Login to the Admin Portal.

2.  At the bottom-left panel, click the Profile icon.

3.  Click Account settings in the menu to view your account details.

4.  On the Account Settings page scroll down to the Preferences section and then click the Language dropdown.

5.  Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu.

Once you change the default language displayed in Apty Admin and Apty Studio, application texts such as menu items, labels, buttons, etc. are displayed in the selected language.