Copying Workflows to Another Application

In the scenario when you are dealing with multiple unified applications (for example, when applications represent separate countries, but their design and functionality mimic one another), you do not have to recreate content for each application from scratch. Workflows and Knowledge Center content can be reused by copying them from the source application to the target application(s). 

NOTE: Before copying the Workflows, make sure that source and target applications share the same or similar design. Even if design of certain pages is not identical, Workflows can be reused fully or partially.

To copy Workflow(s)

1.   Log in to the Admin Portal. 

2.   On the left-side panel select the application from which the content should be created. The application settings menu opens.

3.   In the Application menu navigate to Manage > Workflows. The list of the Workflows opens. 

4.   Select ALL or specific items from the grid. The number of items will be dynamically updated at the bottom of the page as shown on the screen below.

5.   At the right bottom of the page click Copy. The Copy Content screen opens.

6.   In the Copy content screen select 1 or multiple target applications to which the selected Workflow(s) should be copied.

7.   Click Continue. After the copying process is completed the success message is going to be displayed.

8.  Go to the target application and verify whether the Workflows are present there. By default, copied Workflows are going to be in the Draft Status and cannot be seen by the end users unless published. It is recommended to play the Workflow to ensure that steps are displayed correctly and are mapped to the expected elements. 

Helpful resources for your to the next steps:

  • To learn how to view / edit Workflows, refer to this article.
  • For more details on Workflow statuses and how to publish them, refer to this article.