What is Apty Client?

Apty Client, is an in-app collection of guided workflows, texts, links, videos, and tasks that help users to complete processes on your application. As an end-user, you will be interacting with the Apty Client. With the help of Apty Client, you can enable on screen guidance for your software without users having to memorize every step to complete their tasks. 

Once you've created your content using Apty Studio, users can access the content from the Apty Client. You can segment and display the content in the Apty Client based on LabelsFrequently Used items, and Favorites, so that users can access relevant information in the right place at the right time. The content available in the Client, can change depending on the page you access the Client from.

To navigate through the different functionalities of Apty Client and to know more about how to work with Apty Client, see How does Apty Client Work?