What is a Permalink?

Permalinks are direct links to your website that automatically start a Workflow , Video or an Announcement when clicked. These links can be embedded within training resources, emails, or social media posts in order to immediately give users guidance.

If you are building Workflows targeted to users who are not already on your site, Permalinks can provide a highly effective method to engage your users or drive adoption of new features in your software. When your users click the Permalink, they will be redirected to your site, with a Workflows automatically running on the relevant page. 

Common use cases for Permalinks include the following:

  • Send a welcome email to new employees with a Permalink to begin Onboarding.
  • Include a Permalink in a promotional post on social media.
  • Use Permalinks in support emails to help users through a process.
  • Initiate a Performance Review process from an email sent to all employees/managers.