Retrieving and Using a Permalink

Permalinks are direct links to your website that automatically start a Workflow, Video, or Announcement when clicked.

Permalinks are essentially links that launch the application in the browser and the tool linked with the permalink given that the player is active, and content is in a playable state. Permalink is a unique Identification string that needs to be added at the end of the URL of the page on which the permalink content is to be presented.

The Permalinks for Workflow can be copied from 2 locations within Apty:

  • Apty Studio, or
  • Admin Console.

This article describes two ways of retrieving Permalinks and their usage in the section below.

NOTE: Whenever the step permalink doesn’t match the correct page, or the step permalink is invalid the flow is launched from the beginning.

Retrieve a Permalink from the Apty Studio:

To see the list of created Workflows or Announcements, log into the Apty Studio and select the application you want to work with. The Apty menu opens.

1.  Click on the Workflows or Announcements icon depending on what kind of Permalink you are attempting to retrieve.  The list of respective entities created for this application opens. The example below is based on the assumption that you are retrieving a Permalink for a Workflow, but the process for retrieving links for Announcements is identical as well.

2.  Click the name of a Workflow for which you are retrieving a Permalink. In the given example, we attempt to open a "Create a Project Baseline" Workflow.

3.  The Workflow settings screen opens. At the top right corner of the screen click the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) to access the Copy Permalink option. Click Copy Permalink to proceed.

4.   Alternatively, you can obtain a Permalink for a specific Workflow Step by selecting it from the flow and repeating the procedure described in Step 3.

Retrieve a Permalink from the Admin Console:

1.  Log into Admin Portal

2.  On the left side panel select the application you plan yo work with. The application menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu go to Manage > Workflows. The grid of the Workflows created for this application opens.

4.  Select the tile with the Workflow for which you are trying to obtain a Permalink and click the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) to access the Copy Permalink option. Click Copy Permalink to proceed.

Permalink Usage:

The retrieved / copied Permalink will be similar to the example shown below:


The Permalink can be added to the URL of the application and when used, permalink launches the application along with the Workflow to which the permalink belongs to.

1.   Go the page from where the Workflow should be launched.

2.   Consider the dynamic part of the URL

3.  Take the URL and append with the permalink copied previously. Place a separator in between them.

4.  Different separators are used for different applications. For examples, see below. If you are not sure which separator should be used in a specific case, please submit a ticket via the Support Portal.

Applications Separator
Salesforce, Oracle ?