What are Workflows?

Have you ever assisted a friend or your family member with signing up for a new website, completing a transaction, or carrying out any other online task successfully? If you said "yes," then you were probably leading them through the procedure step-by-step and perhaps clarifying some of the more challenging aspects as you went. The same is achieved by Apty Workflows, which handholds users to complete a task in your application, eases onboarding, and leads users through challenging duties while ensuring that no crucial steps are skipped.


Workflows make it easier for users to navigate through an application by offering on-screen help components just when they need it to finish a particular task. Workflows function like a software GPS that guides users through their everyday tasks, allowing them to concentrate on their main objectives rather than worrying about the technical details.


Few areas where Workflows can really come in handy are:

  • Immediate Product Adoption: Reduces the amount of time it takes for users to adapt new software.
  • Effective User Onboarding: Whether it's an end user exploring the system or an employee trying to master a new software product, users quickly adjust to the change and accelerate their application knowledge.
  • Productivity: Makes sure that everyone on the team completes the tasks as expected, especially when it comes to complicated or infrequently repeated operations.
  • Excellent User Experience: Apty offers user-friendly, intelligent workflows to enhance the entire user experience. Whether a user is an employee finishing a task or a client visiting your website, customized step-by-step instructions are provided at all times.
  • Accelerate Employee TrainingThe immediate and relevant on-screen guidance accelerate and train employees while reducing the time, effort and cost spent on training programs.
  • Measure Efficiency: Apty Admin empowers you with Analytics insights, which helps to keep track of how may users initiated Workflows, and how many of them completed or dropped it.
  • Find Bottlenecks: You can utilize Apty Analytics to learn which Workflow steps your users are likely to abandon. These observations could be an excellent place to start if you want to enhance the UI/UX of your application or simplify processes.


Since Apty Workflows are context-sensitive, they will begin with the appropriate step depending on the application page where the user started the Workflow. Users can leave a Workflow at any moment by clicking the "X" icon on the balloon.

Fore more information, see Create Workflows.