What are Launchers?

Launchers are actionable icons or buttons that trigger predefined Workflows or important information to your end users that need their immediate attention. You can launch Workflows, videos, links, images, and text using Launchers.

You can use Launchers for the following use cases:

  • To provide users access to external information and solve User Interface problems while increasing user engagement on your web service.
  • Introduce new features to your users and take them through different features of your application by attaching the Launchers with Workflows.
  • Inform users about your planned application downtime.
  • Request users to complete a survey.
  • Nudge your end users to complete the task they were working on when they become inactive for a short while.
  • Inform software version upgrade notification.
  • Celebratory and congratulatory messages.

For more information, see Create Launchers.