User Segmentation for Workday Integration

Reference: What is User Segmentation?

The crucial information required for segmenting is user identifier. 

This article gives an overview of how to set up User Segmentation by using Workday's session variables and consists of 3 steps:

Retrieving session variables from Workday:

1.  Log into the Apty Assist Admin.

2.  On the left side panel select the application key for Workday. In our example the application key for Workday has been configured as "WOR". 

3.  In the Workday menu click the Gear icon to open the Manage Current Application screen.

4.  Following are the fields on the Manage Current Application page >Custom JS tab. In the Custom application level javascript field enter the code provided by the Apty Customer Success team. Once added to the Apty Admin Console, Apty Assist steps in and embeds this code to the Workday site. The purpose of this snippet is to access attributes related to the logged in user: user id, position, organization, location, tenant, etc. These attributes will then be used by Apty for the segmentation process.

5.  Click Save to allow Apty Assist run the code once the user is logged in the Workday.

Using Workday session variables for Segmentation in Apty Assist:

1.  Log into the Apty Assist Admin.

2.  On the left side panel select the application key for Workday. In our example the application key for Workday has been configured as "WOR". 

3.  In the Workday menu go to Manage > User Segmentation.

4.  At the top right corner of the screen click Add New.

5.  In the opened window fill out the fields as shown below:

Provide a unique name of the segment, preferably identifying the criterion by which the end users are to be groped (for example, System Administrators). Once connected to Workday, this name is going to be displayed in the Apty Player > Connected Segments section.
Segment Type:
In the drop-down list select “User Variable”.
Variable Name:

Define apty_workday_user_info. Position as the name of the variable.

NOTE: Other variables (organization, etc.) can be used for segmentations purposes as well.

Variable Value:
Provide the variable value to be used in the system.

4.  At the top of the window switch to the Items tab and select at least one instructional element (Workflow, Validation, Announcement, etc.) to be tied to this Segment. More elements can be added later by accessing this Segment in the Apty Assist Admin.

5.  Click Add to save settings of the new Segment.

6.  To start using the instructional content with regards to the settings of the Segment, make sure to publish it (see the screen below).

Using  Workday Values for User Tracking 

By default, Apty Assist uses custom user tracking, but since basic Workday identification information, such as User Id, is obtained by running the JavaScript code that retrieves user variables, Apty  Assist may be configured to use Workday ID for user tracking instead. To achieve that, follow the steps below:

1.   Go to Apty Assist Admin > Workday > Manage Current Application (Gear icon) > User Identification

2.   In the Identify users by drop-down list select “Variable”.

3.   Define the variable name in the area below and save the changes made.