What is a Segment and how is it helpful?

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation means putting users into specific groups based on things they have in common, like their role, department, or team.

Why Use Segmentation?

Different groups have different tasks and responsibilities, so their needs vary. Segmentation ensures users only see the training materials that are relevant to them, instead of everything available. This way, they can focus on what’s important for their role.

How Does Segmentation Work?

Segmentation varies based on different criteria that the admin can set from the Apty Admin Portal. The application shows you the training materials meant for your specific group based on these settings.

For more details, check out this article.

Benefits of Segmentation

  • Helps categorize users and show them content specific to their group.
  • Reduces unnecessary content and helps users focus on their tasks.
  • Admins can create segments and assign items to them. If no segment is connected, all items will appear.

Integration with other Applications

Apty works with other applications like Salesforce, Workday, and CA PPM. It uses data from these apps (like your role or department) to show you the right content.

Need Help?

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When to use Segmentation?

  • Send updates or changes only to the relevant users.
  • Display specific content exclusively to certain groups, such as providing an onboarding checklist solely to new users of the application.

For more guidance, refer to our Manage User Segmentation subcategory.