Scheduling Workflow Display for End Users

Certain Workflows might only be helpful for a specific period of time(over the duration of the special offer, when updates are introduced to the system, or upon other business conditions, etc.). In such scenarios, Workflows can be made active for a certain time frame.

To schedule the display of a new Workflow,

1.  Login to the Apty Studio after loading it on your web browser.

2.  Click Select Application.

3.  Choose SFL from the list of applications to launch Salesforce in your browser.


  • Ensure that you have added your applications to the Admin Portal before creating any content on it. To learn more, see Adding a New Application to the Admin Portal.
  • SFL is a default keyword created during the process of adding Salesforce to the Admin Portal.

4.  Once the application opens, select Workflows on your Apty Studio.

5.  Click the plus icon to create a new Workflow.


If you want to edit the Workflow, you can select it from the list of existing Workflows in the Apty Studio and then configure it's settings.                                                            

6.  Enter the Workflow name, description, and other required details.

7.  Scroll down and check the Display between dates box to schedule the display of your Workflow in the specified time zone between the specified dates.

8.  Select your TIMEZONE from the dropdown.


The TIMEZONE is set to Local by default, which implies that the Workflow will appear on your application at the same time everywhere.

9.  Enter the From Date and To Date in the input fields to display the Workflow between the specified dates.

10. Click Next and then proceed to completing creating the Workflow.

Ensure to publish the Workflow using either the Apty Studio or the Admin Portal to display any updates or modifications to your users. To learn more, see Publishing Apty Content.