Schedule Validations for End Users

Just like you can schedule meetings on your calendar, you can now schedule Validations in your application. Scheduling Validations enables you to set the lifespan of your Validation and display it between the specified dates and Timezone for you end users. For example, certain validations, such as special offers on your application, might only be available for a limited time. In these situations, scheduling Validations while creating or editing one eliminates the need for manual inactivation each time a Validation's life ends.

To schedule an existing Validation's display,

1.  Login to your Apty Studio.

2.  Select your application and then click Validations.

3.  Select the Validation you want to edit.

4.  Scroll down to SCHEDULE OPTIONS and then enable the Display between dates option.

5.  Click the dropdown and then select the necessary Timezone to display the Validation for end users in the selected Timezone.


  • By default, the time zone is set to Local, which means that every end user, across the globe, will see the Validation at their local time. It's recommended to select the Local time zone if your end users are from different time zones. This converts the From Date and To Date settings based on your local time zone, and the Validation is displayed accordingly.
  • To add or customize Timezones, see Customize Time Zones.

6.  Enter the From Date and To Date to keep the Validation active between the specified dates.

7.  Click Save to apply the changes. 

Ensure to publish the Validation to see the changes applied.