Customize Time Zones

You can customize your application to display Apty Content to your end users from different time zones. You might, for instance, have end users working on the same application in various time zones around the globe. To broadcast any information to end users in a particular time zone, Apty enables you to customize or add new time zones to your application.


To customize the time zone:

1.  Login to the Admin Portal.

2.  Select your Application from the left panel.

3.  Click the Customization dropdown and then select Timezones.

4.  In the CUSTOMIZATION TimeZone page, search for the time zones or click the dropdown and then select the time zones you want to add to your application.


  • You can add multiple time zones to your application to display Apty Content for end users in different time zones across the world.
  • Remove a time zone by clicking the x icon.                                  

5.  Click Submit to save the changes.

After customizing the time zones for your application, you can navigate to your Apty Studio and add the time zones to your Apty Content for display. To learn how and when to use time zones, see Schedule Validations for End Users.