Review Content and Approve for Publish

Any content that is requested for approval must be reviewed and approved by the Approver through the Admin Console before it is published in your environment. The Approver receives a request notification via mail and then uses the Admin Console to review the content.

User Roles and Permissions for Content Review and Approval


Content Review Status

Workflow Status Description
PENDING The Workflow is waiting to be reviewed.
APPROVED The Workflow has been reviewed and approved for publish.
REJECTED The Workflow has been reviewed and rejected for Publish.

Use the following steps to review the Workflow requested for approval.

1.  Log in to the Admin Console.

2.  Select your application.

3.  Click the Publish tab from the left pane.

4.  Click the ellipsis on the workflow and then click Review from the dropdown.

5.  Preview the PDF format of the Workflow by clicking the Preview button.


The CHANGELOG provides information on the timing and nature of the Workflow modifications.

  • Last Modified By: Shows who made the most recent changes to the Workflow and when.
  • Description: Displays the name of the Workflow.
  • Number of Steps: Displays the number of steps that has been modified.
  • Modified Steps: Displays the step numbers that has been modified.
  • Scheduling: Checks to see if the Workflow's scheduling has been enabled or disabled.

5.  Once you've reviewed the Workflow, click Approve.



  • Once the Workflow is approved, the Status of the Workflow changes from PENDING to APPROVED in the Admin Console as well as in the Apty Studio.
Admin Console Apty Studio
approved.png approved_studio.png
  • If you have the Publish permission, you may publish the Workflow in the chosen environment through the Admin Console or the Apty Studio by selecting Publish Latest from the dropdown.
Admin Console Apty Studio
publish_latest_in_admin.png publish_latest.png
  • Once the Workflow has been published, the Status of the Workflow changes from Not Published to Published in the Admin Console as well as in the Apty Studio.
Admin Console Apty Studio
Published_Admin.png Published_Studio.png

To learn how to reject content and share feedback, see Review Content and Reject for Publish.