Publish the Apty Studio Extension in the Chrome Web Store


Ensure that you have downloaded the Apty Studio Extension for Google Chrome using the Admin Portal.

To learn how to access and download the Apty Studio Extension from the Admin Portal, follow steps 1 to 5 in the article Install Apty Studio extension v4.17 or above.

Once you have downloaded the Chrome extension for Apty studio, it's important to publish it in the Chrome Web Store so that Apty Studio extension is available to your end users for easy installation.


Only Admins have the access to publish the Apty Studio Extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Publishing Apty Studio Extension in the Chrome Web Store is a 3 step process:

Step 1: Uploading the Apty Studio zip file to the Chrome Web Store

Step 2: Entering Product Details 

Step 3: Accessing Chrome Store Link

Uploading the Apty Studio zip file to the Chrome Web Store

1.  Navigate to the Downloads folder in your system.


2.  Right click on the folder.

3.  Click Extract All to extract the files.


4.  Click Extract


The system location where you have extracted the file opens up.

5.  Search and open the manifest.json source file.


6.  Double click on the file to open it in a text editor.


You can also change the name of the extension from the text editor.


7.  Once you have made any changes to the file, navigate back to Downloads folder in your local storage.

8.  Right click on the folder.

9.  Click Compress to Zip file to covert the folder to a zip folder.



Provide an appropriate name to the zip folder.

10.  Navigate to the Chrome Extension page.

11.  Click the Gear icon and then select Developer Dashboard.


12.  Click the + New Item button.

13.  In the Add new item pop-up, click Browse Files.


14.  Open the appropriate file from your Downloads section.

Entering Product Details 

1.  Enter the product details based on the category provided on the left side of the screen. Please check the Product Description table for more information on how and what to fill in the product details.


2.  After entering all the details in each section, click Save draft.


3.  Click Submit for review.


The status is shown as Draft initially. The published status appears after 24-48 hrs. 


Accessing Chrome Store Link

1.  From the Developer Dashboard, select the item whose link is required.


2.  Click on the item.


3.  The Chrome store link is generated. Copy the link to be shared.


Your users will be able to access and utilise the Apty Studio Extension to easily create Apty Content once you've published it to the Chrome Web Store. To learn more, see Install Apty Studio extension using Chrome Web Store.