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Efficient user engagement and onboarding through real-time navigation, guidance, tips, and data entry correction.


Apty Player is an extension that displays instructional content on the surface of the application it is connected to. The Player does not run any script on the background; the extension is fully operating in the context of the hosting application by running JavaScript code through the browser. The Player extension provides access to the following Apty functionality:

- Selection of Workflows and Knowledge Center Content for general guidance and navigation.

- Displaying Tooltips, Announcements, Validations, and Launchers applied to the predefined context of the hosting application.

- Onboarding represented as sets of tasks for new users to get accustomed to the features and procedures offered by the hosting application.

- The Search feature allows a user to filter all available instructional information by keywords and focus only on relevant information.

Apty is committed to the strictest obligations regarding the user data collection and processing, and does not collect, accept, handle, process, receive, transmit or store any confidential, regulated, personal, private, sensitive, health or credit card information.

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Privacy Practices  Single Purpose Description

The extension is designed to allow users to access, view and interact with the Apty instructional content: Workflows, Tooltips, Announcements, Validations and Launchers.

Storage Justification

Extension requires a common storage used by both content scripts and background scripts. This will help the extension to synchronize and load onto the host application.

Tabs Justification

To retrieve website/application details which are configured by the user loaded on a particular tab.

Host permission justification

In the Apty Extension, we declare URLs which are used for making HTTP Requests/Cross origin network requests to make our extension function as per the design.

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