Export and Import Content

Importing and exporting content enables the user to migrate content across tenants/environments. For instance, if a particular feature has been showcased in the demo environment for customers and needs to be migrated to production environment, this feature can help the customers do that with ease.


To Export/Import content:

1. Login to the Admin Portal.

2. Select your Application from the left panel.

3. Click Manage Application.

4. Click Export/Import Content.

5. Click the Export button under the Export Content section.

6. In the Export Content pop-up, check the boxes beside the contents you want to export.


  • All of the contents are auto-selected by default. However, you can deselect the boxes for the contents you don't want to export.
  • You can check the Autoselect Dependencies box to export all the content dependent on the checked content you're exporting. For example, when you export an Announcement, the Autoselect Dependencies functionality exports any Workflow or Knowledge Center content attached to the Announcement. Similarly, when you export a Launcher that launches a Workflow, the Workflow or Knowledge Center content attached to it also gets exported.

7. Click Export.


A pop-up message appears indicating that the export process is initiated.

8. Click Ok to close the pop-up message.


  • The status of the exported files changes to Queued and then to Ready based on the size of the content present in the queue.
  • Refresh the UI to view the change in status in case the status does not change.
  • The system also displays an Error status if the content export fails.
  • Ensure that you import the exported content within 5 days.

9. Once the status changes to Ready, click the ellipses and then select the Copy Link option.

10. Paste the link in the CONTENT FILE URL field under the Import Content section.

11. Click Import.


The file to be imported shows the status as Queued.

12. In the Import Content pop-up, click Continue to confirm the Import process.



  • You can also view the Source and Destination environments to check if the content if getting migrated from the right source and to the right destination.
  • The Import process gets initiated and the status of the imported file changes to Done once the import process is complete.


The list of content that can and cannot be exported is shown in the table below: 

Workflows  Yes
Validations  Yes


Tooltips  Yes
Announcements  Yes
Knowledge Center Content(Videos, Images, Links, and Text)  Yes
Activities  No
Users  No
Checklist  No


Permalinks  No
Labels  No