Enable the Workflow Feedback Form

Sharing information on what needs to be improved helps optimize work process and time. The feedback form is brought in to measure how Apty's Workflows helps the user to navigate through their application so that it can enhance user performance.

In Apty Studio, the feedback form for your Workflows can be enabled through which users executing a Workflow for the first time can submit a feedback. You can enable the feedback form while creating or editing a Workflow using the Apty Studio.

To enable the feedback form for a new Workflow:

1.  Login to the Apty Studio after loading it on your web browser.

2.  Click Select Application.

3.  Choose SFL from the list of applications to launch Salesforce in your browser.


  • Ensure that you have added your applications to the Admin Portal before creating any content on it. To learn more, see Adding a New Application to the Admin Portal.
  • SFL is a default keyword created during the process of adding Salesforce to the Admin Portal.

4.  Once the application opens, select Workflows on your Apty Studio.

5.  Click the plus icon to create a new Workflow.


If you want to edit the Workflow, you can select it from the list of existing Workflows in the Apty Studio and then configure it's settings.                        

6.  Enter the Workflow name, description, and other required details.

7.  Check the Enable Workflow Feedback box.

8.  Enter your message to be displayed in the feedback form.

9.  Click Next and then proceed to completing creating the Workflow.


Ensure to publish the Workflow using either the Apty Studio or the Admin Portal to display any updates or modifications to your users. To learn more, see Publishing Apty Content.

Once the Workflow is executed through it's last step for the first time, the feedback form is displayed allowing the user to submit their experiences through a rating system and a comment section.

View the Workflow Feedback in the Admin Portal

Each submitted feedback and rating will be taken into account for enhancing and optimizing the Workflows. The Admin has the access to measure/view the Feedback analytics inside the Admin Portal:

PATH: Login to Admin Portal > Select Application > Apty Usage > Workflows > Workflows Overview > Click on the desired Workflow > View the Average Rating & Workflow Feedback