Enable Autofill in a Workflow step

To ease the user's task, you can configure your Workflows with the Autofill functionality to auto-click an element from a dropdown menu, or auto-populate a cell with predefined values that follows a pattern or is based on values in other cells.

Use Cases

You can use Autofill to:

  1. Save time and lead users to complete the task more quickly.

  2. Auto-populate crucial values, and reduce employee and end user errors.

  3. Show relevant information about any event without requiring end user interaction with the event.

Using the Autofill functionality is a two step process:

Step 1: Enable Autopilot in your Workflow

You can enable Autopilot in a new or an existing Workflow. To learn how to enable Autopilot in your Workflow, see Enable Workflow Auto Pilot.

Step 2: Enable Autofill for a Workflow step

In this section we'll learn how to use Autofill for a existing Workflow step Alias in Salesforce.

To use Autofill for a Workflow step:

1.  Login to your Apty Studio and select Salesforce as your application.

2.  Click Workflows.

3.  Click auto from the list of Workflows.


Ensure that you have enabled Autopilot for the Workflow auto.

4.  Click the step Alias.

5.  Scroll down to the ADVANCE ON section and then click the Input in element tab.

6.  In the Input in element section, check the Pre-populate a value for this field box.

7.  Enter the Auto Filled Text.


  • The information you enter in the Auto Filled Text field will automatically appear when the user clicks the Alias step in the Workflow, saving the user from having to manually enter the necessary data.
  • You can check the Pre-populate and Wait box if you want the Workflow to automatically fill the field and wait for your next action, such as clicking the Next button, to advance to the next step.

8. Click Save.