Declare a step as Optional

When creating a Workflow for users who frequently access your application, steps to login can be made optional and only appear for users who are logging in to the application for the first time. By defining the step as optional, users can skip it without breaking their flow of work.

The Workflow is maintained in all cases by skipping optional steps when specific pages or elements are not displayed to a particular group of users. For example, the steps for the login page is not displayed to users who are already logged in to the application, but it is displayed to users who have not yet logged in.

To declare a step as optional while creating or editing a step in a Workflow,

1.  Login to the Apty Studio after loading it on your web browser.

2.  Click Select Application.

3.  Choose your application from the list of applications to launch it in your browser.


  • Ensure that you have added your applications to the Admin Portal before creating any content on it. To learn more, see Adding a New Application to the Admin Portal.
  • SFL is a default keyword created during the process of adding Salesforce to the Admin Portal.

4.  Once the application opens, select Workflows on your Apty Studio.


You can create Apty content only if the application is connected with the Apty Studio. A well connected application is indicated by a green color icon.

5.  Click the plus icon to create a new Workflow.


If you want to edit the Workflow, you can select it from the list of existing Workflows in the Apty Studio and then edit the required step.                                                                     

6.  Enter the Workflow name, description, and other details if required.

7.  Click Next.

8.  On the Workflow step creation page, scroll down to EXTENDED OPTIONS section.

9.  Check the Optional step box.

10. Use the up-down arrow heads to set the time in seconds needed to automatically move on to the next step.

11. Click Done.

Once you've defined a Workflow step optional, users can skip the step to complete the Workflow process.