Copying Knowledge Center Content to Another Application

In the scenario when you are dealing with multiple unified applications (for example, when applications represent separate countries, but their design and functionality mimic one another), you do not have to recreate content for each application from scratch. Workflows and Knowledge Center content can be reused by copying them from source application to target application(s). 

To copy Knowledge Center content

1.  Log in to the Admin Portal. 

2.  On the left-side panel select the application from which the content should be created. The application settings menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu navigate to Manage > Knowledge Center The list of different types of Knowledge Center opens. 

4.  Select ALL or specific items from the list. The number of items will be dynamically updated at the bottom of the page as shown on the screen below.

5.  At the right bottom of the page click Copy. The Copy Content screen opens.

6.  In the Copy content screen select 1 or multiple target applications to which the content should be copied.

7.  Click Continue. If the copying process is completed successfully, the success message is going to be displayed.

8.  Go to the target application and verify whether the content is there. By default, copied content is in the "Inactive" status and is not displayed to the end user. When the item becomes active, it is considered to be published. Videos, URLs and Images are going to be available as a part of onboarding collection, as a Launcher content, Text content is going to be available in the interactive Q&A form.