Apty Integration with Microsoft Forms (Embedding Surveys into Announcements)

Announcements are the custom pop-ups designed to inform end users about anything that needs their attention immediately or upon a schedule. Apart from providing necessary information, Announcements may also include surveys to collect feedback from end users. This article covers basic steps of creating an Announcement and attaching a Microsoft Forms survey to it.

To access the Announcement option in the Apty Studio:

1.  Login to the the Apty Studio and select the hosting application you plan to work with. The Apty Studio menu opens.

2.  Click on the Announcements icon.

3.  The system will prompt you to create a Frame, unless it was created earlier. If the required Frame for this page was created earlier, select it from the list.
To learn how to create a Framerefer to this article.

To embed a Survey into an Announcement:

1.  On the Announcements page click Create New Announcement or the +(Plus)button at the top right corner of the screen.

2.  Enter Title and Content in the respective fields.

3. In the Content instrument panel click the icon to embed third party content into the Announcement.

4.  The Embed Content screen opens. Paste the snippet of code in the corresponding section.

5.  Check the Allow full screen mode box if you want this Announcement to be opened in the Full screen mode as shown on the screen below.

6.  Click Close to save the snippet of code and proceed with Announcement creation.

To retrieve the embedded code from the Microsoft Form:  

1.  Login to https://portal.office.com and open Forms from Admin Center. Create the form  

2.  Click on Share option and select Embed option.

3.  Copy the html code and add an id attribute in the opening tag as: id = "apty-ignore-element