Add Videos, Links, Images, and Texts to your Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center is the repository where links to the documents, videos, and images are stored. These items can be accessed using the Admin Portal, Apty Studio, or Apty Client.

To add new Knowledge Content:

1.  Login to the Admin Portal.

2.  Select your Application from the left panel.

3.  On the Application menu, click the Manage dropdown and then select Knowledge Center.

4.  In the Knowledge Center page, click the Add New button to add new content like videos, links, images, or text to your Knowledge Center.

5.  On the Add Knowledge Content pop-up, provide the following details for the type and source of the content you are adding to your Knowledge Center:

NAME Name of the content. Ensure to provide appropriate names that helps you in identifying the content type.
DESCRIPTION Description of the content in brief.
  • Video: A link to a video hosted in a third party application like Youtube.
  • URL: A link to an external resource (document, knowledge base article, another web page, etc.)
  • Image: A link to an image hosted in a third party application.
  • Text: Contextual information which may function as an instant online help or Q&A. In this case you may use the name field as a question to be asked, and Text field as a response. Response will be shown as a pop-up and may consist of the combination of text, images and URLs.


Apty does not host source files, but just their reference from a third party application.

URL LINK URL of the host page from which you are obtaining the content.
SEARCH TERMS Maximum two search terms to enhance your ability to find the content in the Apty Client.
ORDERING RANK To order your content within the Apty Client, use the ORDERING RANK functionality. You can assign every Knowledge Center content a rank and the Apty Client displays the content according to the specified ranks in the ascending order. If 2 items have the same ranking, they are ordered alphabetically.

6.  Click Add to complete adding your Knowledge Center content.


Ensure to publish the Knowledge Center content to make them available to your users. To learn more, see Publishing Apty Content(version 4.x or above).