Activities Overview

The Activities Overview gives you a summary of user engagement and their behavior with various events on your application to assist you in making better enterprise software adoption decisions.

To access your Activities Overview:

1. Login to your Admin Console.

2. Select the application you wish to view the Activity Engagement for.

3. Click the Insights dropdown.

4. Click Activities from the dropdown menu.

5. Click the TIME RANGE dropdown to filter your Activities Overview for a specific time period.


You can also customize your dates to view the Activities Overview for a specific time period.

6. You can now view the Activities Overview section.

The Activities Overview table

When you begin an Activity Tracking for a process, but later try to end it without complying with the business' requirements or doing the necessary procedures, the website may display an error and prompt you to follow all compliances before ending the process. The frequency of these errors or the number of attempts to complete the Activity is stored in the COMPLETION ERROR metric in the Admin Console.