Client versions supported by Apty

Client versions supported by Apty

Apty and its components are constantly evolving. Every month, Apty releases a new version which includes new features, bug fixes, and enhancements. To continuously leverage the latest updates and security patches, customers must keep their systems up to date. 

Points to remember

  • Beginning with 4.16, Apty will continue to support at least 3 versions, including the latest version and its below 2 minor versions. Example: 4.16.0 (latest version), 4.15.0, 4.14.0 (minor versions).
  • Within the supported versions, a patch release will be considered the latest version of that minor version. Example: 4.16.0 (latest version). 4.15 (minor version), 4.14.3 (patch release or the latest version of this minor version).
  • Custom builds will be added to the list of the supported versions for a limited period of time. Example: 4.16.0 (latest version), 4.15.1 (patch release), 4.14.3 (patch release), 4.16.0-customer1 (custom build).
  • For extension mode, the last published version will be shown as the default selected version in Downloads and Client Version Dropdown.

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