Version 4.14 January 2022

Here are a few exciting enhancements in Apty Assist Components you can expect from the upcoming 4.14 Release. 


What's New in Admin Console?

Ignore Events from DOM

PATH: Admin Console > Select the host application > In the Application menu select > Go to General Settings > Click on Advanced 

The 4.14 version brings an "Ignore events from DOM" condition engine, which prevents the Apty player from failing to work due to continuous DOM change in the customer application. Whenever continuous DOM change is encountered in some elements, those are identified and are ignored using the "Ignore events from DOM" condition engine.

Customize workflow highlight colors 

PATH: Apty Admin> Select the host application>Customization>Themes

In the previous versions of Apty, clients or partners can select the highlight colors from 5 different predefined options available. But in the latest version 4.14, Apty has introduced a new feature to customize the highlight colors in Apty Admin console. With this improvement clients or partners can modify the default theme and create a new theme with custom highlight colors and make use of them.

Learn more about Themes 

What's New in Apty Studio?

The choice to have Tooltips on-field hover rather than the icon

PATH: Apty Studio>Tooltips>Select the frame inside which tooltip is to be created>Click on plus icon to create a new tooltip> Under Appearance, user can either select for Icon Tooltip or Floating Tooltip

As per the latest release, a floating tooltip is introduced inside Apty Studio which allows the user to have tooltips on-field hover rather than the icon, so whenever the user hovers over the selected element the tooltip appears. 

Users can either select the tooltip to appear when hovering over the icon(Icon Tooltip) or a selected element (Floating tooltip) based on the tooltip position that is configured. When the floating tooltip is used, the tooltip icon will not appear instead the balloon containing the tooltip description will be displayed and thus making the application view not to be loaded with too many tooltip icons.

Offset bar for balloon positioning 

Earlier, Apty offered 12 predefined balloon positions. In other words, there were 3 predefined positions for each side to locate the balloon around the element it belongs to. With the latest version 4.14, a slider is added in the Balloon positioning feature. This feature will give more options to clients or partners in setting up the location of a balloon to an element/field. 

With this enhancement, users can drag the slider and can position the balloon as per the requirement. The balloon pointer has 3 positions for each side. 

  • For top and bottom balloons: Left, Right, and Center  
  • For left and right balloons: Top, Bottom, and Middle

As we drag the slider, the pointer location in the balloon keeps changing after a certain predefined range.

Note: This feature is applicable only for workflows.

What's New in Apty Widget? 

Draggable widget feature update

End-users can now drag and adjust the widget placement on all sides of the screen, according to their need. Earlier the draggable option was provided for two sides and the bottom of the screen. But now end-users can place the widget on the top side of the screen too. It works in both injected mode as well as for extension. 

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