Mass Distribution for Mozilla Firefox with SCCM


This document provides step-by-step instructions for the deployment of Apty Extension on Firefox Browser via SCCM.


Step 1: Downloading Files for Firefox

  • Make sure that you have access to the following Apty installation files:
  1. install.bat
  2. FirefoxAptyStore
  • Save the files in your shared directory which will be accessible to other users

Step 2: Configuration via SCCM

  • In the Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications create an application.
  • Select Manually specify the application information as shown on the screen below:

  • Specify Application Information. For example, FirefoxExtensionAptyStore

  • Create New Deployment Type. Select Script Installer and Manually specify the deployment type information

  • Specify general information.  Ex: FirefoxExtensionAptyStore

  • Enter the Content Location and Installation Program details.
NOTE: Select the “install.bat” file for Installation Program.

  • In the Detection Method screen select Add Clause.

  • In the Setting Type select “Registry” in. Enter Values as shown in the table an d on the screen below:
This registry key is associated with 32- and 64-bit systems”Enable
Data Type:String
This registry setting must satisfy the following ruleSelect
  • Click OK to proceed.

  • Click Next

  • In the Specify user experience settings for the application screen define the following:
Installation behaviourInstall for System
Logon requirement
Whether or not a user is logged in
Installation program visibilityHidden
Maximum allowed run time (minutes)20

  • Click Next and create the package.
  • Deploy the package

Step 3: Check Your Firefox Policies

  • On a target client device, open Firefox Browser and navigate to about:policies  to see all policies that are applied.
  • You can also check your extension getting installed in the addons list.

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