Custom White Labeling

Custom White labeling is a features of 4.10 release. It aims to provide improvement in branding of partners or clients. This article includes details related to the feature in an extended manner.


What is Custom White Labeling?

It is a protocol that allows our partners to personalize the exported file. In other words, Custom White Labeling gives license to our partners or clients to customize the logo in the exported workflow file and to use as their own.

Note: Clients or partners can enable both White Labeling and Custom White Labeling features, but priority will be given to White Labeling feature.

Why Custom White Labeling?

Brand is the face of the company and branding plays a key role in the business of the company. Having own company logo in the User guides pulls a lot of weight. So Apty supports its partners or clients to use their own company logo in the User guides without personalizing any Apty applications with this new Custom White Labeling feature.

Where to find it?

PATH: Apty Admin Console > At the left bottom corner of the screen > Click on System settings > Clink on Branding

Using the above mentioned path, you can find the Brand Customization screen provided by Apty in the Admin console.

How to do Custom White Label? 

In the Brand Customization screen, there is a option for our partners to rebrand the Brand Icon.  Here, you can personalize the icon by replacing the default with the link to your company logo.

Custom White Labeling lets you to add the brand icon in exported workflow file to provide your consumers with a branded experience. Here, you can personalize the logo in the exported file by including a link to your company's logo in the "Brand Logo" section. You can see the results in before and after images of the exported file page.

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