Mass Distribution for Microsoft Edge Chromium with GPO


This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to utilize your Active Directory Group Policy Management against Microsoft Edge templates to deploy the Apty Client Browser extension to all PCs in your organization.


Step 1: Downloading Edge Policy Templates 

1. Download Edge templates by visiting the link below 

2. Choose your operating system and Edge version 

3. Click Get Policy Files 

4. Browse to the directory in which you saved the downloaded file. Extract the contents of the file to your desired location. Example: C:\temp 

Step 2: Adding Edge .admx and .adml files to Group Policy 

1. Navigate to the directory in which you extracted the Microsoft Edge Templates zip file and copy the msedge.admx file located within the \windows\admx directory to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions 

2. Navigate to the directory in which you extracted the Microsoft Edge Templates zip file and copy the msedge.adml file located within the \windows\admx\en-US directory to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US 

NOTE: If a different language is required instead of en-US, please navigate to the directory for the correct language of your choosing. Example: es-ES 

Step 3: Create or Configure your Edge Policy 

1. Open the Group Policy Manager on your domain controller and expand out your domain -> Group Policy Objects. If you currently do not have a Group Policy created in which you want to utilize for Chrome Policies, proceed to right-click on Group Policy Objects and create a New Policy.

2. Name the policy something relevant. Example: “Edge Policy”

3. Once created, right-click the new policy and select Edit.

4. Expand out Edge Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Microsoft Edge -> Extensions then right click and Edit in the “Control which extensions are installed silently” 

5. Select the Enable radio button, and then click the Show button. 

6. Add the following text and click OK

<application key>;<tenantID>/update.xml 

NOTE: The Application Key value will be provided to you by the Customer Success Manager.

7. Click Apply and then click OK 

8. Next, right-click the Configure extension installation whitelist and select Edit from the context menu

9. Select the Enabled radio button, and then click the Show button. 

10. Add the following text and click OK* 

11. Click Apply and then click OK 

12. Exit the Group Policy Management Editor, right-click the OU of your choice, which contains your Computers or Users,  and select Link an Existing GPO

13. Select the “Edge Policy” (the one which is created now) and click OK

14. For any PC or User within that OU, the “Edge Policy” will automatically install the Apty Client Browser Extension

Step 4: Check Your Edge Policies

1. On a target client device, open Microsoft Edge and navigate to edge://policy  to see all policies that are applied. 

2. You can also check your extension by navigating to edge://extensions and ensuring your extensions are being forcefully installed. 

NOTE: You may need to run gpupdate /force, in an elevated command prompt, to apply this new group policy to the PCs. 

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