Frequently Used , Favorite Contents &Group Contents based on Labels


View Most Frequently Used Content

For easy access to the content a "Frequently Used" section is introduced inside the Need Help Widget for End Users; which brings together all the frequently used content under the Frequently Used section.

Inside Apty Widget, Frequently Used contents will be represented using 

PATH: Apty Studio> Need Help Widget > Under Help Tab >Frequently Used

Frequently Used section list out 10 most frequently used contents based on user interactions of last 30 days.

Tag Content as Favorites

Apty helps in optimizing content by adding a "Favorite" icon to them, which helps our partners to easily access their content marked as Favorite by placing it at the top of the list inside the  Apty Widget (Need Help Widget).

Inside Apty Widget, End User can add/remove the content inside Favorites just by clicking the Star icon   provided against each content.

PATH: Apty Studio> Need Help Widget > Under Help Tab > Favorites

Group Contents Based on Labels

In order to provide easy access to related content, a feature is enabled to group similar content based on Labels. 

Admin user has the provision to manage Labels inside the Admin Console, once labels are added and contents are grouped based on labels it will be available inside Apty Widget which helps the end user

Inside Apty Widget, All the Labelled Contents will be represented using   

To add a Label: Admin Console> Manage > Labels > Click on Add Label Button > Add Name and Ordering Rank
To add contents under a Label: Under Manage Content > Select the required contents from Workflows and Knowledge Center > Click on Add

NOTE: Only the published contents will be visible under a Label inside Apty Widget.

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