White Labeling Products of Apty

White labeling is one of the main features of the 4.8 release. It aims to provide improvement in branding and to enhance user experience to Apty partners. This article includes details related to the feature in an extended manner.


What is White Labeling? 

It is a protocol that allows our partners to personalize Apty applications. In other words, White Labeling gives license to our partners or clients to customize the logo, identity, and label of our applications and to use as their own. 

Why White Labeling? 

Branding is critical for any business to establish a loyal consumer base. Having the company’s branding consistent across all applications boosts trust and credibility in the eyes of customers and viewers. At Apty, we care about ourpartners’ brand. White labeling ensures that our partners get the best of Apty without compromising their brand identity.

Where to find it?

PATH: Apty Admin Console > System Settings > Branding

Using the path mentioned above, you can find the Brand Customization screen provided by Apty in the Admin Console.

How to White Label? 

In the Brand Customization screen, there are several options available for our partners to rebrand the applications of Apty. Here, you can change the default titles or names into your own branded labels. Also, you can personalize the icons by replacing the default with the link to your company logo. 

Brand Name

In the Admin Console, "Brand Name" appears on the sidebar content panel across all applications. You can customize it easily by replacing the default with your brand name, as displayed below.

Brand Name before customization:

Brand Name after customization:

Admin Page Title

Admin Console is fundamentally a web page. The page header title plays a vital role in the brand identity. You can customize the default “Admin Page Title” to match your branding, as shown below. 

Studio App Name

One of the major components of Apty Suite is the Apty Studio. This native application connects with the browser and offers multiple options to create instructional content like Workflows, Validations, Tooltips, Launchers, and Announcements. By default, there is Apty branding in the Studio header. See how you can customize the "Studio Name".  

You can also see the change in the Downloads screen as shown below.

Apty Client Name

Apty Client (the player) is a widget from where users can access workflows, knowledge content, etc. The end-user can find the Player at the corner of your application. Apty already provides multiple options for you to customize the Player to match your branding. White Labeling adds an additional option to personalize the "Client Name" that appears on the Downloads screen, inside the Admin Console. Below you can see the results. 

Apty Automation Name

Apty Automation is a tool that helps you automate and simplify tedious tasks in your application. The "Automation Name" appears in the Downloads screen inside the Admin Console. To maintain brand consistency, White Labeling gives the option to customize and add your brand name in place of the default "Automation Name". The following image depicts how the result of customization will look on the Downloads screen. 

White Labeling lets you edit the Admin Login Page to provide your consumers with a branded experience. Here, you can personalize the Admin Console login page by including a link to your company's logo in the "Login Logo" section. You can see the results in before and after images of the login page. 

The studio login page also plays an important role in building an immediate visual connection with the end-user. That is why Apty white labeling lets you rebrand the studio login page. Using the brand customization feature embedded in the Admin Console, you can customize the "Studio Login Logo" to reflect your company’s brand as displayed below.

Fav Icon

By default, Apty branding is available in the header of both Admin console and Studio. In the Admin Console, the “Fav Icon” occurs right next to the “Admin Page Title”. In the case of Studio, it appears in the application header, next to the “Studio Name”. Below you can see how to replace the default “Fav Icon” with the link to the desired image.

Inside the Studio, you can put your branding in the banner, under the application header. This can be your company logo or any other image that reflects your brand identity. Simply, add the link to the desired image in the “Studio Banner Logo” section as shown below.

One of the major branding options available in the Admin Console is at the top-left corner of the screen, "the Admin Sidebar Logo". This is where you can place the company logo. White Labeling gives you option to personalize the same with your own brand icon as shown below.

Accent Color

Visual consistency in an application is very important in delivering a memorable user experience. Be it the fonts, the navigation bar, the logo, or the call-to-action buttons, colors used in these elements, throughout the application, create a sense of brand identity in the eyes of users. That is why Apty white labeling feature provides a customizable "Accent Color". Here, you can change the color of the “login” button on the login page. Note that change in the "Accent Color" will reflect for all admins under the same tenatID. 

Accent Color Before Customization:

Accent Color After Customization: 

Note: Feature flag must be enabled for this feature.

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