Version 4.8 June 2021

4.8 is now available, with the latest features and changes. This new addition of features will improve branding, language support, and content management. You can see the results in Apty Admin Console, Apty Studio, and Apty Client.


White Labeling

PATH: Apty Admin Console >  At the left bottom corner of the screen > Click on system settings icon > Click on Branding

Apty is committed to providing solutions for improving its partners’ brand value. In order to maintain consistency throughout all partner applications, Apty Admin Console, Studio, and Client can be customized to match the look and feel of the partner company branding via white labeling. By allowing our application to rebrand, we can guarantee that our partners get the best of Apty without compromising their brand identity.

What can be customized? 

You can white label the following list of features.

  • Brand Name
  • Admin Page Title
  • Studio App Name
  • Apty Client Name
  • Apty Automation Name
  • Login Logo
  • Fav Icon
  • Studio Login Logo
  • Studio Banner Logo
  • Admin Sidebar Logo
  • Accent Color

How to White Label?

Replace the Apty content with your branded content such as texts, icons, and colors. Save it to see the result.

For more details refer to: White Labeling Products of Apty



For both Apty Admin Console & Studio: Under the login button > Go to the language section > Open dropdown > Select preferred language

In the versions prior to 4.8, the functionality of Apty components was only available in the English language. With the latest release, our Admin Console and Studio are now available in three more languages. 

Apty now supports the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

Previously, Apty platforms were available only in the English language. Which had limitations in terms of business expansion. But this feature aims to open doors to new opportunities for our partners. With more languages embedded across both platforms, our partners can reach wider audiences, expand to international markets, and have significant impacts globally. 

Apty has also established the framework to support other languages in future releases.

You can find the feature in the Admin Console as well as in the Studio. Note that there are two ways in which you can select your preferred language on both platforms - before logging in and after logging in.   

For more details refer to: Internationalization of Apty Products

Auto Translation for content via Google API

In the wake of globalization, a brand must have the ability to translate its content automatically. Apty brings you this feature via Google API to give Auto Translation the prominence it deserves. The latest 4.8 release allows Admins to translate the content within Workflows, Tooltips, Launchers, Announcements with only a few clicks.

How to check if translation API is added?

Note that Google API needs to be configured in System Settings to use automatic translation. To check if the translation API is added for you follow the path given below.

PATH: Admin Console > Go to the sidebar > Click on the system settings icon > Translation API > Configure translation API

How to select content for translation?

PATH: Admin Console > Go to the sidebar > Select the application > Click on Manage > Select the type of content to be auto-translated

Admins can apply the auto-translate feature in Workflows, Tooltips, Launchers, as well as in Announcements. To select the content type follow the path given below.

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