Version 4.7 April 2021

What's new in Apty Studio?

Activity tracking enhancements

PATH: Go to Apty Studio > Activity Tracking > Click on  in the top-right corner > Click on Start Capture > Click on Add Condition

In the previous versions, the Activity Tracking feature enabled users to track and create activities for various use-cases. With the latest enhancements in the 4.7 release, users can now add process-compliance conditions/rules to streamline the flow of Events. In addition to this, with the introduction of Data Augmentation, users can also add custom JS scripts to create conditions/rules for specific Events.

NOTE: Feature flag must be enabled to use this feature.

Enhanced Activities analytics with Segment Charts

PATH: Admin Console > Select an application from the left side panel > Click on  in the left side panel > Segmentation > New Segment/Edit existing Segment

The latest enhancement in Activities enables users to efficiently track activities by Segment. Users can choose from a list of Segments and add Segment Rules to skim the data to be analyzed. This aids in saving users’ time by analyzing only the required data.

The following metrics are displayed in the new enhanced analytics UI: 

  • Users by Segment: This section displays the number of unique users involved in an activity in each Segment and the total number of unique users from all Segments. The percentage of activity performed by users of a specific Segment is also displayed below the Pie Chart.
  • Completion by Segment: This section displays the completion rate of an activity by the users of a Segment. The completion count of each Segment can be seen by hovering over the Bar Graph.
  • Average Time by Segment: The average time taken by users in all Segments to complete an activity. The total time taken by users of each Segment is also displayed in Bar Graphs.

NOTE: Feature flag must be enabled to use this feature.

Ability to rename labels of Widget tabs

PATH: Admin Console > Select an application from the left side panel > Customization > Languages > Widget Tabs

In previous releases, the labels of only certain aspects of the Widget such as Banner Header, Widget Header, and Search Box Placeholder could be edited. 

With the latest release of 4.7, Admins will be able to edit the Labels of the Widget Tabs (Help Tab and Checklist Tab) and other Labels such as Settings and Language as well. This provides greater control to the Admin in customizing the Widget according to requirements.

What's new in Apty Widget?

Previous button in Workflow balloons

During the execution of a Workflow, users could not navigate back to the previous steps whenever required. This posed as a hurdle at times which has been overcome in the latest release.  

Now, users can click on the previous arrow icon in the balloons of a Workflow to navigate to the previous steps. Users can only navigate to the previous steps that are present in the same Frame.

NOTE: Feature flag must be enabled to use this feature.

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