Data Export Policy


Apty is committed to international compliance with Data Governance Laws. This Data Export Policy applies to the data being received, stored, processed, and transmitted. 

The Data Export Policy provides necessary framework to control data processing activities including data privacy and personal information, to ensure compliance to international laws. 


This Data Export Policy applies to Apty services that are extended to various clients across the world. The Data Export Policy extends to all processing of personal data.

Data Export Processing

For any customer data export request, the following process is followed: 

  1. Upon a data export request from a Customer through email, the Apty Customer Success team must communicate the request to the Apty Data team through JIRA.
  2. Apty R&D Head must approve the data export request through JIRA.
  3. Post approval, the Data team configures a scheduled Data Pipeline to extract the data from the database.
    NOTE: The extracted data is password protected.
  4. This extracted data is then transmitted to the Apty Customer Success team through a secure channel (HTTPS default for Apty).
  5. The Customer Success team provides the requested data to the Customer and shares the password over a separate email.
  6. Customer must use the shared password to extract the data provided. 

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