Mass Distribution for Google Chrome with SCCM

Create Configuration Item

1.   In the Configuration Manager console, access the Assets and Compliance work space. Give it a suitable name and click Next.

2.   Select the appropriate platforms for where the Configuration Item is expected to run and click Next

3.   Create a new settings configuration. Click New

4.   Fill out the new settings configuration as shown below:

Name: ExtensionInstallForcelist

Description: Apty Widget Extension 

Key Name: Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\ExtensionInstallForcelist

Value Name: 1 (This number is unique. If you are you planning on adding other extensions this way, these should be added as 2, 3, etc.)

5.   Create a new Compliance Rule

6.   Fill out the Compliance Rule as shown below:

Name: Apty Widget Extension Compliance Rule

Description: Apty Widget Extension 

Value: refer to your CSM for details

Tick ON Remediate noncompliant rules when supported and Report noncompliance if this setting instance is not found

7.   Click OK and finish the wizard.

8.   Close the usual completion window

Create Configuration Baseline

1.   Create a new Configuration Baseline in the Configuration Manager console, in the Asset and Compliance work space. Give it a suitable name and click Add > Configuration Item

2.   Add your newly created Configuration Item and click OK

3.   Complete the creation of the Configuration Baseline on OK


Finally, the Configuration Baseline consisting of your Configuration Item needs to be deployed. When deploying the baseline, remember to tick ON Remediate non-compliant rules when supported. Also, consider how often the compliance should be evaluated. For comparison group policies updates per default every 90 minutes. If this is replacing a GPO, consider to lower the schedule.

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