Apty Integration with Amplitude (third party analytics)

PATH:  Admin Console > on the left side panel select application > at the top of the application menu click the Gear    icon >Third Party Analytics

Apty allows sending data to the third party applications.

1.   In the Apty Admin select an application you are working with and at the top of the application menu click the Gear icon.

C:\Users\rithe\Desktop\Screenshot (21).png 

2.   Open the Third Party Analytics tab.

3.   At the top of the screen check the Enable box to activate connection to the third party web application.

4.   In the Integration Type select 'Amplitude'. 

5.   In the Request Type select 'POST'. 

6.   Paste your amplitude API key as shown below.

To Locate Your API key in amplitude: 

1.   Click the Settings gear in the upper right hand corner of your screen. 


 2.   After opening the Settings view, navigate to the Projects section, and grab your keys from there.  


3.   Select all or specific events to be passed to Amplitude. 

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