Schedule Validation Display for End Users

Validations can be made active for a certain time frame. 

For example, certain Validations might only helpful for a specific period of time (over the duration of the special offer, when updates are introduced to the system or upon other business conditions, etc.).

To schedule the display of a new or existing Validations, follow the steps below: 

1.   Open the Apty Studio application and select the hosting application you plan to work with. The Apty Studio menu opens.

2.   Click on the Validations icon.

3.   If you are creating a Validations on a new page, the system will prompt you to create a Frame, unless it was created earlier. If the required Frame for this page was created earlier, select it from the list.
To learn how to create a Frame, refer to this article.

4.   Select the Validations from the list.

5.   Scroll down to the bottom of the Studio screen.

6.   Check the Display between the dates box. 

Validations can be made active for a certain period of time. To activate a Validations for a specified time frame, select the Timezone if different from local and define From Date and To Date in the respective fields.
To customize a choice of Timezones, follow the steps in this article.
7.   Click Save to apply the changes made.  

8.   Make sure to publish the Frame this element belongs to. To change the Frame Status, refer to this article.

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