Feature Flagging

Feature Flagging is a technique, allowing teams to modify system behavior without changing code.  In the context of Apty, feature flagging offers an easy way of regulating the set of features available for the usage by Apty Clients and is helpful in the following use cases:

  • to filter out the features which are not bringing value to a specific client. This way, all Apty clients have access to all the features delivered in each new release, but clients can request to disable some of them in case there is no scenario for their usage (for example, clients who are not using SSO for logging in to Apty may request to hide SSO settings from the Admin panel). With feature flagging our clients configure the Apty Admin Panel and keep it clean and easy to use by showing only the features they are actively using.

NOTE: Disabled features can be enabled and included to the client's instance upon request.

  • to deliver new features to a separate instance(s) for initial testing. In this scenario feature flagging can be used for delivering a feature which undergoes testing in a safe way, without shipping it to all instances.

To achieve that, Apty is using a third party tool: Split.io

What data is collected for feature flagging? 

Apty is committed to the strictest obligations regarding the user data collection and processing, and does not collect, accept, handle, process, receive, transmit or store any confidential, regulated, personal, private, sensitive, health or credit card information

When the page of the hosting application is loaded, Apty retrieves its tenantID attribute from the widget to identify the client and load the list of predefined features from Split.io.

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