Timezone page allows customizing selected application for displaying Announcements in the appropriate time across a global organization. 

As employees in the organization work in different time zones, it is equally important to broadcast the information according to their specific timezone. In the context of Apty Assist instructional elements, customizing Timezones affects the choice of scheduling options for Announcements if multiple global time zones are characteristic to the way your company works. For more details refer to: Create an Announcement.

To customize Timezones:

1.   Log into the Admin Console.

2.  On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with. The application menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu go to Customization > Timezone. The Timezone screen opens.

4.  You can add multiple Timezones to your application by clicking the input field; the drop-down list opens. Check the boxes of the Timezones to be added. Once you check the box from the drop-down list, a new zone is automatically added as an item in the input field. 

  • Check Select All to add all the existing time zones to your application.
  • Use the Search box to find zones by regions.
  • To remove the time zone from the input field, clear its box in the drop-down list.

5.   Click Submit to save your selection.

Verifying Changes:

Once Timezones are added to the application in the Admin Console, they become available in the Assist Studio as a part of Announcement > Timezone. To learn more about creating and scheduling Announcements, refer to this article.

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