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Apty Assist is compliant with Voluntary Product Accessibility (VPA) including Revised 508 Standards related to the user interface requirements. Section 1194.21 (a) of VPA Template states: "When software is designed to run on a system that has a keyboard, product functions shall be executable from a keyboard where the function itself or the result of performing a function can be discerned textually." (source) All Apty Assist functions can fully be used in a mouseless, keyboard-only mode. All the default shortcuts provided by Apty are customizable as described in the following article.

To access Keyboard shortcuts customization:

1.   Log into the Admin Console.

2.  On the left side panel select the application you plan to work with. The application menu opens.

3.  In the Application menu go to Customization > Keyboard Shortcuts. The page where you can review and customize keyboard shortcuts for interacting with the system opens.

Player Shortcuts:

  • Toggle Player: Alt + H
  • Switch Header Tabs: Alt + M
  • Select Item: Alt + I
  • Open Settings: Alt + S

Toolset Shortcuts:

  • Next Button: Alt + N
  • Custom Button: Alt + J
  • Success Workflow: Alt + D
  • Cancel Workflow: Alt + C
  • Select Validation: Alt + V
  • Select Tooltip: Alt + T
  • Select Launcher: Alt + U
  • Announcement Focus: Alt  + A
  • Change Language: Alt + L
  • Cancel Item: ESCAPE
  • Play Item: ENTER

To edit shortcuts:

In order to re-map the Keyboard Shortcuts, click the  (Keyboard) icon and record the change.

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