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Apty Assist includes a suite of tools that help to enhance User Experience on any web-based application through applying Workflows, guidance and data governance concepts to it. Apty consists of three main components, each exercising specific functions for seamless integration with the hosting application: Admin Console, Assist Studio, Assist Client. This article covers the following sections:

General Overview of Apty Assist Components

Assist Studio (Editor)

Key functions: connecting to the hosting application, building instructional content with an ability to preview built elements live.

Assist Client (Player)

Key functions: providing access to the content built with Assist Studio, listening to the events and collecting data for Analytics.

Assist Admin Console

Key functions: a central hub for storing and managing (publishing, translating) instructional elements for different web applications, creating on-boarding procedures, creating user profiles, segmenting content for different user groups, accessing Analytics of tools and element usage, and configuring global settings for international teams.

Apty Studio

Implementation: a native application that connects to the browser window and interacts with page elements.

Using the Assist Studio you can add and customize instructional content (Workflows, Tooltips, etc.) to elements of the hosting application in a couple of clicks and instantly preview the result on the browser screen. It is an intuitive tool that hosts smart algorithms but does not require in-depth technical knowledge for embedding interactive elements into the selected hosting web application.

For more details refer to: Overview of the Assist Studio


Implementation: a browser extension. Provides access to published Workflows and Onboardings, when the hosting application is opened, Assist Client scans its pages and lays Tooltips, Validations, Launchers, and Announcement over the its surface.

The Assist Client is implemented as a multi-platform browser extension available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer. To make sure that the functionality of Apty Assist is compatible with various browsers, the extension is designed as a simple piece of code that injects the JavaScript code directly to the hosting application in a live mode. This means that there is no background script and Apty Assist Client runs directly in the context of the hosting application.

For more details refer to: Overview of the Assist Client

Apty Admin 

Implementation: a native application that connects to the browser window and interacts with page elements.

Admin Console is a web-based tool that hosts the Apty content including Workflows, Validations, Tooltips, Launchers and Announcements and is used for Apty Content Delivery (controlling the publishing the status of the instructional content).

The Admin Console is a cloud-based tool hosted on the AWS platform and is compliant with latest security policies. Admin Console also hosts the Analytics to view the ROI and effectiveness of the Apty Assist content.

For more details refer to: Overview of the Admin Console

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