Components of Apty Suite

This article provides a general overview of Apty Suite product lineup, functions and value of the components, and how they interact with one another.

Apty Assist

Apty Insights

Apty Automation

Consists of: Assist Studio, Assist Client, and Admin Console.
Consists of: Apty Lens, and Apty Gazer, and Admin Console
Consists of: Automation Studio, Automation Client.

Apty Assist

Use Apty Assist to embed instructional elements (balloons, Workflows, Tooltips, Announcements) to any web application, and analyze how helpful your guidance is for the end users using Analytics.

How to use it:

  1. Create context sensitive instructions, Workflows, Tooltips, Validations, Announcemnets in an Assist Studio.
  2. Display instructions using Assist Client.
  3. Mix and match instructions to create user onboardings, manage / translate your content, see how effective your instructions are using Analytics in Assist Admin.
Assist Studio
(Desktop Editor)

Key functions: connecting to the hosting application, building instructional content with an ability to preview built elements live.

Assist Client (Player)

Key functions: providing access to the content built with Assist Studio, listening to the events and collecting data for Analytics.

Assist Admin

Key functions: a central hub for storing and managing (publishing, translating) instructional elements for different web applications, creating on-boarding procedures, creating user profiles, segmenting content for different user groups, accessing Analytics of tools and element usage, and configuring global settings for international teams.

For more details refer to:  What is Apty Assist?

[NEW] Apty Insights

  • Tracks & analyzes how users interact with the applications and how efficiently they can complete the custom business processes
  • Create blueprints on how users should be completing certain activities and track the actual usage against the recommended processes.
  • Capture the user activity by custom segments, roles and regions

How to use it:

  1. Create a pattern of expected user behavior in the context of a specific use case with Apty Lens (for example, define steps for creating a new user profile within the system).
  2. Let end users complete this activity without assistance and monitor actual user behavior with Apty Gazer.
  3. Apty Admin compares expected and actual user behavior.
Apty Lens
Apty Gazer
Apty Admin

Key functions: is used for creating blueprints of how certain Activities are expected to be performed within the software application.

Key functions: Tracks an end users’ behavior when performing an Activity. No user sensitive data is be captured by Apty Insights

Key functions: Compares user behavior with the expected action pattern defined in Apty Lens and analyses the application usage to help building effective strategies of system resources distribution. Use it to measure overall system health, user activity by sessions and regions, error trends, etc, as well as for general customization.

This element operates on the background and has no user interface.

For more details refer to: What is Apty Insights?

[NEW] Apty Automation

  • Users can complete certain day-to-day tasks by  interacting with Apty’s Auto assistant chatbot
  • Build RPA (Robotic Process Automation) workflows using Apty’s Automation Studio to complete day to day tasks.
  • Simple, interactive chat bot interface to simplify the task completion.

How to use it:

Automation Studio
Automation Client

Key functions: use Automation Studio to create bots that will serve your users by: helping them with mundane tasks, leading conversations, providing users with choices on what they want to proceed with, make API calls to the hosting application and pass user input to submit forms.

Key functions: this tool serves as a 24/7 support agent for your end users. Apty Automate makes it simple to harness the power of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence for your processes. It is nurtured by the scenarios previously set up in the Automation Studio.

For more details refer to: What is Apty Automation?

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