What Apty Chat Bots can be used for?

Imagine that every time an employee using your hosting web application attempts to perform some complicated routine task or it is the case when the procedure to be completed is not straightforward and may cause misunderstandings, but your employee always has someone skilled to rely on by their side, someone who is ready with answers to their questions at any time of their busy working day and this someone will guide them through all steps of the task in the form of engaging conversation and will help them complete tasks faster and in a more effortless way without compromising on a high quality performance. Is it possible to hire a knowledgable assistant who will help all your other assistants? Yes, if it is an Apty Chat Bot who is there for you and your employees 24/7 and who is prepared to help in the following scenarios:


Lead conversations that  truly help. 

Put necessary information into your users' hands. 

In software, unless certain procedures are fully intuitive, people tend to ask similar questions or stumble upon the same concepts. For example, when completing a certain web form, there is a couple of these fields when users tend to get puzzled or may be not completely sure what information is expected.  If you have no control over adjusting the process or making hosting web application more user friendly, we still remember that "information is power" and easily accessible information is a super power. Knowing the approximate level of user's competency on the subject matter and anticipating certain questions, you are fully prepared to think through various conversation scenarios and "teach" Apty Bot to be helpful and answer user's questions or connect them with the source of answer in the form of a link to a respective instructional article, video, etc.

Automate mundane tasks. 

Apty Bot is not just a conversation tool. It can be programmed to make API calls to the hosting application upon predefined triggers for automating mundane tasks. Let's review it on the following example: your employee needs to create an event in a calendar. Essentially, the act of creating this event comes down to filling a number of fields stating event description, day, time, and address of the venue. Each required field of the form may be converted into the question asked by the Bot during the conversation and if the field implied selection among the given options (such as drop-down list or radio button), a user is given a choice of these options. Once Apty Bot receives all the answers, it makes an API call with information provided by the end user and submits them to a system. Sky is the limit for the complexity of such tasks.

Do you know how Apty Automation Tool can be helpful for your organization? Don't hesitate to contact our customer success team and they will help you find out how it can be used to come in handy for your end users.

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